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Our vision is to provide unlimited value to all those who want to make money online, experienced or amateurs, introducing to the mainstream knowledge that actually works, innovative technologies and change the way the masses think of "internet money".
~ Bill & Panos
Bill Papaharalampous.
Proud Co-Founder of 'The Greeks'.
traveled the world,
but made the most of the MONEY from home!
Bill is a former Lieutenant Officer of the Hellenic Underwater Demolition Team and served in NATO Anti-piracy Forces as team leader. While his Military career was progressing, his entrepreneurial spirit could not rest so, he decided to follow his dreams and ambitions to become an online entrepreneur.

Soon he decided to quit his Military life and began exploring his options abroad. He immigrated in Scotland with his wife and dog and followed the most important training of his life - not militant this time. He acquired the necessary knowledge on eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and he quickly became the most popular on this field in Greece & Cyprus. He managed to help more than 5,000 people start their eCommerce journey as he became Director of EU Product Development of a well known 8 figure online company in digital sales. He has taught people in 7 countries how to achieve a basic income from the comfort of their home or even build a steady career. Additionally, he has helped build another 8-figure online company who have served more than 150,000 users globally generating over $4 Bn GMV, both as master trainer and corporate member.
" Opportunities  do not happen, You Create Them "
" Opportunities  do not happen, You Create Them "
Available for a Limited Time Only
sold a chair on ebay.
then everything started!
From graduate of Aristotle University in Greece and former professional musician, he quickly developed superior entrepreneurial skills by becoming one of the most successful eCommerce Specialists on eBay & Amazon in drop-shipping in Europe, additionally he ranked amongst the top e-Commerce affiliates in Greece and Cyprus. 

His success was so big that he managed to have personally over 7-figures in GMV and tens of thousands of online transactions in just a couple of years. He is a speaker in several eCommerce and affiliate Summits across Greece and Cyprus.

Panos Relis
Proud Co-Founder of 'The Greeks'.
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